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Hey it\’s Dikki Du!

I\’m here to speak for my father and I think we all know why. My Father worked offshore for his intire life, moved to Lawtell and bought a club called The Offshore Lounge and gave many musicians a chance to be who they are today. Roy brought his friends and fans to Lawtell for his Carrier Fest.

Well, the club is going to be turned over to my mom Louise Jackson, and we plan to keep The Offshore Lounge alive, We are facing thousands of dollars to make it happen, so I call on my Zydeco Brother\’s and would love to say thanks to all of the Band\’s that told me they would love to do it for Roy, so we are going to give a tribute to Roy and put The Offshore Lounge back up on it\’s feet. We thank everyone for your love and support for Roy and Zydeco music, and hope to see everyone there thanks!!!
Troy (Dikki Du) Carrier