The home base for Roy Carrier remains his Offshore Lounge in Lawtell, Louisiana, a legendary Zydeco club (also known as Roy's Club), where yearly, during the holiday period, members of the extended Carrier family gather for special high-energy musical reunion which attracts fans from world-wide locations. It is considered the premier two or three-day Zydeco New Year holiday event in the country; complete with all the trimmings - food, drink, music, trail rides.

The rustic Zydeco dance hall gets its name from Roy's work as an offshore driller, tool pusher, and roughneck in the oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico while supporting his family during a 15 year period. When he purchased the Lawtell, Louisiana club in 1981 it received the Offshore Lounge moniker.

When not on the road, one can often find Roy and other Zydeco artists jamming at the Offshore Lounge on a Thursday night. There, Roy often shows younger musicians what Zydeco is all about. "I've taught a lot of people in that club," sez Roy. Most of today's active Zydeco musicians played The Offshore Lounge on Thursdays, honing their Zydeco chops at one time or another. The Offshore's Thursday night jam session is the site of many inspired Zydeco collaborations.

Someone wrote, in a music forum, "Pay a visit to Roy Carrier's Offshore Lounge in Lawtell where the wooden floor shakes so much that Roy has to crawl underneath every now and then to prop it up with some more bricks."If the place ain't shakin', man, ain't nobody havin' a good time" .


322 Perry Dr. Lawtell LA

5 miles west of Opelousas off 190
when 190 hits Lawtell the Rd it splits into one-ways at a service station
turn right just before the service station on Bird La crossing the railroad tracks
turn left on Perry Dr follow it to club on right (just before Depot St.)

For Further Information: Roy's Cell Phone: 337-351-2404