"At the juncture of Clifton & Boozoo - That’s where you find Roy."
          - River City Slim (Peter Rost, leader of River City Slim & the Zydeco Hogs


"Definitely real Zydeco. Sweaty, muscular, pounding music."
          - Larry English, Atlanta Swamp Opera

"The exuberance Carrier and his band exhibits is reminiscent of Clifton Chenier's live recordings... Carrier bridges the gap between today's noveau Zydeco and yesterday's traditional stylings."
          - Dan Willging, Cajun, Zydeco, Swamp-Pop Music Reviewer 'offBEAT


"I regard Roy as a pioneer who has stuck to his own sound. I once heard him say he wanted to be the next Clifton. He's no Clifton, but he's maintained his own unique and enjoyable sound in a vast sea of imitators. I admire him for it." "Roy is a pioneer who has maintained his own unique and enjoyable sound in a vast sea of imitators"
          - Herman Fuselier, Music journalist and radio personality, Opelousas, Louisiana

"Some of my best memories are seeing and hearing Roy Carrier work the crowd at Slim's Y Ki Ki. He's the owner of a dance club and the father of a family of well-toured players, but his greatest contributions to the world are his own funky, funny songs and warm, soulful performances. It's always a good sign when Roy's in town."
          - Michael Tisserand, Editor of 'Gambit Magazine' and author of "The Kingdom of Zydeco"


"Roy’s an originator."
          - Steve Riley (Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys)

"Roy is closer to the feel of what Clifton did in the clubs than just about any one else. Roy is the bridge man from all that Zydeco was to what it is today. Let the others fight over who would be king , no one carries Clifton’s torch like Roy."
         - Wayne Kahn, owner of Right on Rhythm Records

"Roy Carrier and his Night Rockers are the ass kickingest Zydeco band on the planet, guaranteed to make you lose your mind and your composure out on that dance floor. "
         - Andy "Blues Boy" Grigg, Owner/Publisher 'Real Blues Magazine'

"Roy Carrier is powerful and energetic Zydeco performer A blues showman in a Zydeco suit. The live album is a testament to Carrier's successful welding of Zydeco dance and barrelhouse blues. A hopping bayou soiree."
         - Thomas Schulte, Music journalist and radio personality, Michigan


"[Roy Carrier & the NightRockers] A raucous and relentless invitation to dance - enough to turn a social wallflower into a roadhouse exhibitionist"
         - 'Washington Post'

"Zydeco (say ZYE-duh-coe) is the propulsive dance music of the black French-speaking Creole people of South Louisiana. Take a pumping accordion, a clattering rubboard, a little bluesy guitar, and an unbridled rhythm section; shake well and you get surging, nonstop, jubilant party music. At the helm ... Mr. Roy Carrier, probably the best traditional Zydeco man in the business. Wear something loose; come early and stay late; tonight we gonna party!
         - Low Country Blues Bash


"Roy's In Town!" Critics have called Roy Carrier one of the best pure Zydeco players in Southern Louisiana. Once voted in a Cajun Connection survey as "The Zydeco Band Most Wanted to Return", Roy, who has been playing Zydeco music for 25 years, puts forth a full, hot sound that restores faith in the power of music to uplift."
         - LS, Cajun Connection


"For people who grew up with Zydeco, Carrier is family, someone who is passing on the music to a new generation."
         - Sonny Goldreich - 'offBEAT Magazine'


"Like many veterans of the oil fields, Roy Carrier is missing part of his index finger on one hand, but that hasn't stopped him from become a master of the Zydeco accordion. After working on offshore rigs during the oil boom of the 1970's, Roy decided to open a club in the tiny community of Lawtell, Louisiana and call it The Offshore Lounge. The Offshore's Thursday night jam session is the site of red-hot Zydeco collaborations."
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